Financing Tuition at SCS

Sully Christian School has several programs in place to help reduce the cost of education. The programs and tuition rates are listed below. After reviewing the information, please contact us if you have any questions.

Legacy of Grace Student Tuition Organization (LOG-STO)

Tuition grants are given to students living in households with income that does not exceed an amount equal to three times the Federal poverty guideline for their family size. Applications must be completed by April 30 each year in order to qualify for tuition credits the following school year. Click on the "Donate" tab to find more information about LOG-STO and download an application.

TRIP Program

This program allows participating individuals to purchase gift cards from many popular stores and restaurants and have a percent of the amount purchased credited to their tuition twice each year. Depending on participation, several hundred dollars can be earned toward tuition credit each school year. Click on the "Parents" tab to find more information about TRIP.

New Incentive to Christian Education (N.I.C.E.) Program

Pella Christian High School (PCHS) has started a new financial assistance program that extends to our school. The N.I.C.E. program, which is an acronym for New Incentive to Christian Education, will provide up to a 50% reduction in tuition for junior high and high school students (grades 6-12) to families who have never been a part of a Christian day school at any time in the past to provide incentive to families to experience the excellence we enjoy in our schools. PCHS will also provide up to a 25% tuition scholarship in year two. If a family has multiple children enrolling at Sully Christian, this scholarship would apply only to the junior high-aged students(s) from that family. But, for example, if they had two junior high students, they both would qualify for the scholarship. There are no income guidelines associated with this program. This is an incredible new opportunity to reach out to new families and especially families with children in junior high. If you know of anyone considering our school who has junior high-aged children, let them know about this opportunity and have them contact the office for more information. We are most grateful to PCHS for extending this program to include our school.

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