Christian Worldview

Sully Christian School is dedicated to teaching and educating each student in every classroom from a Biblical perspective. Bible classes and chapel time will be dedicated to teaching students the truths and stories from the Bible. Systematic bible teaching will be part of the curriculum to develop a stronger understanding of scripture, enabling each student the ability to stand up for what they believe, and have the tools necessary to combat a secular worldview.

Academic Excellence

Sully Christian School is dedicated to the teaching and training of every student. We realize that each student is created unique and has differing abilities and strengths. Our goal is to lead every student to do their best while teaching them to do all things with excellence. With rigorous academics and appropriate expectations, SCS students succeed in the classroom and in life. SCS has the unique ability to help each student with difficult areas. Small class sizes allow students to receive individualized help when needed. With a desire “to do all things for the glory of God”, SCS determines to help each student strive for excellence.

Servant Leadership

Christ was the greatest example of a servant, and yet the greatest leader. We want our students to model this servant leadership. The Bible tells us that the greatest among us will be servants. Each student at SCS will have many opportunities to develop leadership skills as they learn to serve others. This service often moves students out of their comfort zone, but these experiences are important steps in growing leadership qualities. Younger and older students will be paired together for reading buddies and bible partners. Students will have opportunities to lead chapels and class meetings. Every class will have service projects throughout the school year. Students will have opportunities to serve in various ways in the school and in the community. From nursing homes to the local food pantry, SCS students learn to lead by serving others.

Student Development

SCS is committed to the development of the “whole person.” From our student interactions to our curriculum design, all of our structures and strategies have been developed to produce graduates who will possess the expertise and character needed to engage their professional, social and political spheres-of-influence with truth from God’s unchanging Word. SCS develops each student, Spiritually, Mentally, Socially, and Physically. As we Partner with Parents to accomplish this task, students gain confidence in their ability to be successful. Activities and events are scheduled to meet all age levels within the school. SCS is all about family. Come join the family today as we partner together in this training process.