LOG-STO: What is it?

  • LOG-STO represents Christian schools from Newton, Oskaloosa, Peoria, Pella and Sully.
  • This organization was created to provide tuition scholarships for qualifying families whose children attend one of the Christian Schools listed above. 
  • The Education Opportunities Act was passed by the Iowa Legislature in 2006 to allow Iowa taxpayers to receive an Iowa tax credit equal to 65% of the total amount of cash contributions made to a School Tuition Organization.

How Donations Work

  • Money can be donated to LOG-STO by families from each school, the society, and the community.
  • For the amount of money donated, the taxpayer will receive an Iowa tax credit equal to 65% of the cash contribution to the STO.
  • A tax credit is taken directly off the amount you owe in state taxes.
  • The donated money is then distributed to the qualifying families whose Children attend one of the STO schools.
  • LOG-STO is only able to offer tax credit on $117,000 by the end of December.
  • Consider this opportunity to get a tax credit, and allow to help students and families that choose Christian education.


  • State Income Taxes =  $1,500
  • Money donated to LOG-STO = $500
  • Tax Credit (65% of $500) = $325
  • State Income Taxes after tax credit = $1,175

LOG-STO would in turn use the $500 to give tuition grants to qualifying families whose children attend Christian Schools from Newton, Oskaloosa, Peoria, Pella, and Sully.

Application: http://www.logsto.org/application-info.cfm

For further information visit LOG-STO online.